"The best Ingredients...came with the planet"                               

                   Bill  Walker


Our Story

Granola... Really???

We smile each time we think about how we started Portlandia Granola Company. Bill and I love to cook, We spent our leisure time playing with different recipes and sharing them with friends and family. Prior to the Granola Biz, I was a Retail Manager for over 20 years and Bill was a Mortgage Professional. We both enjoyed our professions, but looked forward to the time we could spend in the kitchen.

  We started making granola because we love it! Our favorite ingredients are found in the granola's we make. The goal was to combine oats toasted to perfection, give it a slightly sweetened flavor, and to make sure to add lots of nuts. Nuts that you could see as well as taste. We made granola at home and shared it with friends who insisted we sell them some so they could share it with others. Our friends and family inspired us to create additional flavor combinations of granola. They asked for more nuts and a nut-free versions. We also created an Oat-free variety for some friends with Celiac Disease.

  Soon we found we had more fans than just us. So we started Portlandia Granola Company to produce and sell our granola to the public. We have maintained our commitment to use the highest quality ingredients in our Granola's. We still craft each granola in small batches by hand to ensure its quality. We are a people powered company and believe that our team is the most important ingredient to our company. We hope you will enjoy Portlandia Granola as much as we do. Drop us a note and let us know what you think.

                           Bill & Paige Walker